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Q: Can a parent or guardian be invited to my student's Google Classroom?


A: Not exactly.  "Outside" (i.e., not '@belchertownps.org') email accounts cannot join a Google Classroom. The best you can do is list them as guardians. 


Here are the details for this process:   https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/7126518?hl=en 







Kami edits not being seen by teachers on submitted docs

Anyone can have this issue, and this just a fix that worked for me.  Like anything, Kami can have periodic issues and the more I can teach everyone the better off we all are.
FYI:  The other indicator of this issue is that the user was seeing that Kami was always in "Saving" mode.  It never said "Saved".  Normally up near the top it will indicate "Saving" for a second after you do a markup and then revert to saying "Saved" after a second.  These users Kami just always said "Saving" no matter what or how long we waited.   This was another indicator that Kami had an issue and was not actually saving.
The only way I found to correct it was to reset the users Browser to Default in the Chrome Settings Management Panel.
So if you are a teacher and a student is insisting they are marking up the Kami Docs and when they submit them you are not seeing the mark ups,..  this is the fix.  Either send them our way so we can help them, or you can now directly assist them.


This has started to come across my radar with a couple of incidents and I suspect there may be many more we are not hearing about.
A student marks up a Kami pdf and submits it to the teacher, but the teacher sees no changes.
The solution I have found is to reset the users Chrome Browser to default.  Here is how.
Go to the three dots in the upper right of Chrome, click on Settings, type into the Blue search bar "Reset"  Look for this

Reset settings

Restore settings to their original defaults
Proceed to have the user  restore settings of the browser to default.
Make sure you're using Chrome.